David Estrada

FullStack Developer

Laravel Certified Developer

Full stack web developer from Guatemala specialized in Laravel, Statamic & Craft CMS, Vuejs, bit of React.

I’ve been learning and improving my skills for over a decadate.

Phone: (502) 3100 - 0003
City: Guatemala/CA


I use modern PHP and Javascript frameworks like Laravel and Vue JS for web development. I’ve developed web applications…


I can design a site from the ground-up, or I can implement it in HTML and CSS.


Need an API for your mobile app or SPA? I can do that!.

Recent Projects.

Punktastic logo


What I did:

Wordpress migration to Statamic, Plugins development, Front-end Bootstrap 4, cloudfront, S3.

Strawberry logo


What I did:

Statamic, Plugin development, Front-end Framework ITCSS, AWS, Content backups, S3.

AuntBessie logo


What I did:

Statamic, plugin development, front-end, Bootstrap 4, Content backups, AWS, S3.